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3 Idle Thoughts for Friday

There was a reporter, Terry from Dallas Morning News, a while back that coined a column on the airline industry entitled “3 Idle Thoughts for Friday.” I realized I really enjoyed reading those random tidbits that would otherwise not be published in their own post. It’s also a quick an easy way to publish at least something each week, even if it isn’t long form.

I’ll follow suit:

  • Closed airplane window shades are one of the saddest things I encounter in travel. The views out of an airplane window seem so commonplace to us in modern days, so much so that we shut ourselves off from the outside, and choose to ignore the opportunity that lives under our noses every time we step foot on an airplane: to see a view that even the greatest explorers of history never saw in their lifetimes. A view out the window at 30k+ feet is truly one of the greatest gifts of our time.
  • In an eCommerce class I’m taking, the professor brought up the topic of the early Internet and the invention of hypertext. When he surveyed the class and asked “Who is Tim Berners-Lee?”, only one person raised their hand in a class of thirty. Apparently Tim had given a guest lecture in a prior year of the course and he personally received a similar result. It’s a sad realization to make that the guy who many consider to be the father of the world wide web goes completely under the radar of students in technical business fields.
  • Finally, an observation. I’ve noticed a significant (>5 in 3 mo) number of people just stop at red lights, wait a few minutes, seemingly become aggravated, and then just speed through the intersection with the light still red. Granted, most of these intersections are not busy, but…

We’ll see ya next week!